I Dream Up Foundation


The I Dream Up Global Foundation is our marketplace ministry component where all educational levels are exposed to the business world and mentors to help foster the spirit of building dreams and taking on a new outlook on life. The Dream Up Global Foundation will aide internationally and domestically to help setup new ministries and assist in feeding third world poverty-stricken countries. Our assistance will also help those who do not have the necessary schooling to attend schools through scholarship endowments, clothing provisions, after school tutoring, kingdom mission trips, and entrepreneurship.

​Open doors of opportunities in fashion design areas, graphic design, technology, culinary arts and more. To aide single mothers and single fathers, in helping them survive and be productive in their endeavors to sustain and maintain their families. We know that our disadvantaged youth are already counted out because of the lack of exposure to a more positive environment and the lack of leadership to help turn a bad situation into a great one. ​To re-establish mindsets and reconnect them to purpose full of hope, faith, love, and charity. Providing the necessary tools, it takes to be a winner young and come up out of poverty thinking into a successful mindset. The agenda set forth is to strategically develop a positive environment where one can reach in their neighborhood and raise another person up.

We will create avenues for our youth to become investors in stocks, open bank accounts, and the art of saving for future dreams. Building entrepreneurs to become self-sufficient at a young age, create jobs, increase innovation, and help become responsive to changing economic opportunities, and trends. In addition to helping facilitate the learning of ecommerce and social media stores and become online entrepreneurs. Through our youth build we will match youth with mentors in business to help learn every aspect of business development and product development and credit and financial literacy. Re-defining the introduction to bridging gaps in every direction and with all ethnicities.

This “INCUBATOR” will focus on building youth and adult in spiritual entrepreneurship businesses making our Kingdom minded citizens self-sufficient by stirring the gift of ingenuity, creativity, imagination, and the art of communications effectively to stakeholders. Creating an avenue to foster a better quality of life for them and their families.