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Ruesion Lyons

Welcome to Ruesion Lyons Ministries. I am so glad you stopped by The Lord's Ministry. This is an honor and a privilege to be a true servant and a steward of The Most High  God. It is our mission to Reach One! Teach One! Train One! Save One!


Ministry Initiatives

Our ministry initiatives are about being our brothers and sisters keepers. To help them find their way in a society that has been lost to many. We are at a time where we are being affected in our mind, body and soul. We must begin to transform the way we do church. Nothing is more important than giving to others and teaching them how to sustain, maintain, empower each other and move spiritually in the Word of God. We know that the Word of God is what we live by and who we are as His Kingdom Citizen. Each initiative was a vision and a dream from The Holy Spirit. This is where The Holy Trinity is the CEO.



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PrayerFire Life Coach teaches you the art of various forms of prayer and equips you with a spiritual warfare arsenal.



The Gospel Pill is an online TV show that discusses the topics that church people avoid and features ministries from around the world

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This is a store that sells a variety of different Christian wears which include t-shirts, prayer shawls, anointing oils and more...


We believe it is important to take care home and serve your fellow man and be a good steward over what The Holy Spirit has instructed you

Our International ministry partners with pastors, orphanages, entrepreneurship and much more




I Dream Up Foundation empowers our youth and young adults to dream big and bring their dreams and vision to fruition.

Are you thinking about publishing a book and do not know where to start. Let us help you with that. We can meet all of your publishing needs. This initiative helps those who are disadvantaged and we give you a chance with donations and some cost to you. We help walk you through and show you how to accomplish a book that is in your spirit.


This academy will teach you step by step, precept on precept and give you  spiritual education, revelation knowledge that has been given to me on the unction of The Holy Spirit. These courses will help you address some unanswered questions that most lay people avoid. 

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The Coach John and Alice Gales Foundation assists and creates positive pathways that lead to success in life. We accomplish this through mentoring, coaching, and technology. Our mentoring programs are educational, enlightening, and entertaining. We adhere to our core values of service, trust, respect, excellence, adventure, motivation, education, and discipline. We believe that we will make champions of trusted individuals who are willing to learn, listen, and love.

Reach One! Teach One! Train One! Save One!



I stand before you offering a blessing from the Lord and all that He encompasses. Remember, "It is my heart's desire" to truly serve The only Trinity with all I am and encompasses. There is nothing I want more than to please The Holy Trinity. Through many trails and tribulations I have already come. This ministry is not just about me but helping others do there best for The Lord who has given us the strength and tenacity in these end times The Holy Trinity is looking for those that will work for Him in every capacity.


Jesus is the only one who has the "KEYS" to every given situation. Never wavering or doubting in "FAITH" what The Holy Trinity can do. He has chosen many of us for a time such as this. I have chosen to follow Jesus in every capacity. I am a spiritual entrepreneur design to do the will of my FATHER. I hope you find this site encouraging and uplifting as you read or buy my products to help others. I am my brothers keeper and I am a servant and I love God with all my heart. 

I am not perfect or never claim to be. I have been up and down and leveled to the ground, BUT GOD has kept my head up when I was disturbed about situations I put myself in. The Word of the Lord is simply, serve and be true to your heart. Count yourself worthy to be used by God no matter what you have done or your circumstances. Glory to God for sparing my life over and over again. I cannot tell you enough how many times He has stepped in with His love and encapsulated me. Take comfort in knowing He Is Always There.

Ruesion Lyons


I am determined to follow JESUS. No turning back. He is My Rock, My Sword, and My Shield. 

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Missions at Work

We are in need of your help. These precious little children at our orphanage in Uganda are undergoing some very bad times. Ebola and Malaria on on the rise and the children are becoming ill at alarming rates.  I need 100 new donors to give $20.00 to $25.00 dollars per month to help sustain them. I and three partners send as money every month but it is not enough. 

If you, church organization can just lend us a helping hand it will be greatly appreciated. Whatever you purchase from our online store will go to help those in need domestically and internationally.